Where to stay in Japan | Japan travel tips

Where to stay in Japan | Japan travel tips

When traveling to Japan, you are very concerned about the price and contents of the hotel. You would be more happy if there was a good way to stay.
In conclusion, there are various types of hotels such as hotels similar to many other countries, Japanese style inns, and compact hotels that can be accommodated for business. The price is also perfect depending on the service and grade. Please choose the one that best suits your travel concept and needs.

Type of accommodations


The hotel has many Western-style rooms. Since the lifestyle of the room is Western-style, it will not change as usual, so there will be less stress. According to Japanese regulations, a hotel is an accommodation facility with a size of 9 square meters or more and 10 or more rooms. It is basically for two or more people, but it is possible for one to stay. Each room is independent and you can keep it private. Basically, meals are included, but you may be able to choose a plan without meals. Please check the plan carefully when making a reservation.


The ryokan is almost Japanese style. You can experience Japanese lifestyle at the ryokan. According to Japanese regulations, each room is 7 square meters, and there are 5 or more rooms. Basically, two meals are included in one night and two days.
Nakai will take care of the room and provide hospitality. Nakai is a hostess seen in traditional Japanese hotels called Ryokan. They are assigned to you to provide all around service for the guest.
Basically, two or more people stay at the ryokan, but in some cases it is possible to stay alone.

Business hotel

This is a hotel for businessmen. Mainly Western-style rooms. It is characterized by being flexible and timely. Meals will not be basic. The price is low, so travelers who want to save money can stay. Business hotels are good accommodations for travelers who just need to sleep.
It’s a business hotel, so it’s basically for one or two people.

Guest house, Inn

The style of the room is Japanese style, and the style of Western style depends on the inn. There are many places that are run by individuals. The environment is so friendly that you can communicate with other guests.

Vacation rental

Vacation rental has been attracting attention. It is a style to stay in an unoccupied house or an ordinary private house that is away. You can stay at a reasonable price. Some accommodations have plans that allow you to have a unique experience that will make you feel more at home. With or without a landlord, there is no service like a hotel or inn.

Unique accommodation

Recently, there are accommodations where you can have a unique experience. For example, glamping where you can stay in a temple, experience an agricultural experience, stay in a traditional Japanese house, stay in a traditional Japanese house, stay in a villa at a resort, or enjoy luxurious camping is a hot topic in Japan. There are lodgings where you can enjoy memories.

Comparison of accommodation prices

Now let’s look at the price of each accommodation. Please refer to the approximate price range shown in the table.

Price comparison chart

Hotel ¥10,000-¥20,000 /a person
Resort hotel ¥15,000-¥50,000 /a person
Ryokan ¥7,000-¥20,000 /a person
Business hotel ¥5,000-¥10,000 /a person
Guest house, Inn ¥7,000-¥10,000 /a person
Vacation rental ¥2,000-¥5,000 /a person
Unique accommodation ¥5,000- /a person, ¥30,000- /a room

How to stay at a good price?

If you want to stay at a good price or compare many accommodations, I recommend the hotel comparison site. I have compiled a list of popular sites in Japan. STAY JAPAN is a Japanese vacation rental reservation site. Let’s search variously and stay at a great deal.