What to pack for a trip | Japan travel tips

What to pack for a trip | Japan travel tips

You are wondering what to pack for a trip abroad. You’ll be in trouble if you forget something.
I’ve put together a list of things you’ll need for your overseas trip, from essential to convenient.

Inventory list

Essential items

Cash Credit card Cash card
Passport Visa Airline ticket
Overseas travel insurance
*If you subscribe
Domestic ticket Regular medicine
Clothes Underwear Socks
Handkerchief Contact lens, glasses Cosmetics
Sanitary items (For women) Shaver (For men) Mobile phone
Charger Wifi router

Something useful

Camera, charger Toothbrush
*It may also be available at the hotel.
*It may also be available at the hotel.
Shampoo, treatment
*It may also be available at the hotel.
Watches Hat
Rain gear Sunglasses International driver’s license
*When driving abroad
Transformer Conversion plug Eye mask
Earplug Earphone Mask

Summer belongings

Sunblock cream Swimwear Sandals
Towel Bug repellent spray

Winter belongings

Winter clothes Gloves Scarf
Coat, Down jacket


The above is a summary of what to pack for trip.
If you travel to Japan, even if you forget your clothes, toothbrush, umbrella and other daily necessities, you can buy most of them at the store. In addition, amenities such as soap, shampoo, and pajamas are often kept at the hotel. You can also check or contact the site of the hotel you are booking with.
If you have a lot of luggage, it is difficult to move and the fun is half. Don’t forget what you absolutely need, and choose your belongings wisely.
Let’s embark on a wonderful trip by packing things that suit your travel style.
Have a nice trip!