Shonan Candle

posted on: November 14, 2019
last updated:November 14, 2019

A world where countless candles shine

Shimmering lights

In a fantastic space

Forget the time and get euphoric

It’s as if you’re lost in the story

Shonan Candle is a beautiful event held in Enoshima in the Shonan area of ​​Kanagawa Prefecture in the fall.Usually, from late October to early November, Samuel Cocking Garden in Enoshima is decorated with candles.About 8000 candles.Numerous candlelights swaying in the fall night create a fantastic world.The supreme night when you forget time and get drunk in the beautiful space created by the lights.It will surely be an unforgettable scenery.Beautifully lit up Samuel Cocking  observatory like a big candle like its symbol among countless candles.You can climb the observatory and see the candle lights in the garden and the night view of the shimmering Shonan.The candle underneath is like a starry sky above the ground and is very beautiful.

The event period is about two weeks, and many people come to see the beautiful world, but you can be impressed by the world view without worrying about the number of people.It is an event that you can enjoy and satisfy anyway, as you can walk around Enoshima during the day, relax at dusk, watch the Shonan candles, or come from the night and end the day in an unreal fantasy landscape.

In autumn, please enjoy the fantastic world of Enoshima.