Sasukeinani Shrine

posted on: September 23, 2019
last updated: September 23, 2019

Approach that red torii continues

Quiet ground

Entrust prayers to the fox

Sasukeinani Shrine is located about 20 minutes walk from Kamakura Station.
Walk through the crowded area and walk through the quiet residential area of ​​Kamakura, and you will see a row of red torii gates.
The continuous red torii has a very nostalgic atmosphere.
There is not much crowd of people, and through the quiet torii, in a quiet air.
There are many pots where you will find countless small fox figurines when you leave the torii.
Many people put a wish on the fox, probably
I am surprised at the number, but many fox are also very cute.
Put a wish on the fox  then a wish comes true.
Let me also entrust a wish to a pair fox.
It was a quiet time to be surrounded by a shrine and a red torii in a shrine.