Okuoi kojyo station

posted on: March 10, 2019
last updated: March 10, 2019

Emerald colored lake.
The station standing on the lake.
Vermillion iron bridge.Okuoi kojyo station is a lake top station in Shizuoka, Wakabara gun.
Okuoi kojyo station which is one of the Oigawa Railway is an unmanned station built on the lake.
The landscape is really mysterious.
The color of the lake is very rarity with white turbid emerald color.
The station on the lake has a boardwalk.
Let’s walk to the station on the lake while enjoying the scenery.
The landscape from the train window will surely be such a feeling
I think.
The boardwalk is very high.
You can enjoy a very good landscape.
Walk on the lake and cross the station.
That is a valuable experience.
It will be very exciting.
There is a love bell in the station’s home, and the person who visited with the important person
Please try ringing.
It is good to sit on a bench at a rustic station and wait for the train while looking at the scenery.
In the mountains, surrounded by lakes and tranquility
Time to taste at the unmanned station.
Is not it a good way to use such a time?