Miyagino, Cherry blossoms on Hayakawa Tsutsumi

posted on: September 14, 2019
last updated: September 14, 2019

Row of cherry trees along the river

Fluttering petals

River murmuring

Feel the spring breeze

I’m intoxicated with sprig

In a quiet town

While loving the lined cherry blossoms

Walking along the river

Spring luxury promenade

Hayakawa is located in Miyagino, a popular tourist destination in Hakone.
The cherry blossom trees lined up about 600m along Hayakawa-river is a famous cherry blossom spot in Hakone.
During the cherry blossom season, it is lit up at night.
Hayakawa has a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.
You can enjoy the view of the cherry blossom trees and the river.
It is such a wonderful place where you can feel the arrival of spring slowly and quietly.