posted on: September 21, 2019
last updated: September 21, 2019

Tasteful percincts

Walk in the tranquility

Looking at the round window


What I think about…

“Simple” is calm,

And beautiful

Meigetsu-in has a calm ground, you can feel the tasteful Kamakura.
Meigetsuin has attentive in detail, and we can be comfortable in there.
Do you not take a calm Kamakura walk?

Meigetsu-in Temple known for its hydrangea temple.
The hydrangea blooms in June there are full with Meigetsuin-Blue.
The hydrangea blooms in the rainy season, and despite the rain, 
Meishuin is crowded to see many people hydrangea.

As you go through the precincts, you can see the Meigetsuin Main Hall.
The view of the back garden seen from the round window of the main hall is famous.
This circular window is a symbolic representation of enlightenment, psychology, the large universe, etc, and is called “the window of enlightenment”.
The scenery seen through this window of enlightenment changes depending on the season, and you can see cherry blossoms in spring, fresh green in summer, autumn leaves in autumn, and sometimes snow in winter.
If you look at this window of enlightenment quietly, you can still feel the emotion, dig deep in thoughts and have a time of enlightenment.
I think that time will enrich my mind again.

As you can see from the window of enlightenment, the back garden can be seen in full bloom season such as the season of colored leaves and you can enjoy it soon.
In some places in the precinct and in the back garden, there is a Jizo, and the figure looks very cute and involuntarily.

I think that the scenery that I can feel the symbol, the season’s flowering trees, and the work that is meticulous to the details entertain me what I see, and it is the attraction of Meigetsu-in.

It is recommended for calm Kamakura walk. Please take a walk.