Kiyosato Terrace

posted on: September 17, 2019
last updated: September 17, 2019

Terrace in the sky commands a bird’s eye view of clouds.

Luxury sofa.

The  view is felt me more free and relax .

Kiyosato Teracce is open from Spring to Autumn.
This terrace is located at the highest point in Kiyosato, Hokuto city,Yamanashi Prefecture.
An altitude of 1900m.
There is an elegant terrace ahead of the lift.
Sit down on a luxury sofa, sip a drink from the café, and admire the view of the  the clouds, the view of the pass and the beautiful blue sky in front of you.
It is a time of great luxury and bliss.

When you want to enjoy leisurely, we also recommend Premium seat.
You can enjoy superb views at your reserved seat.

Spend extravagant time on the extraordinary cafe terrace.
You will spend time of superb view
and time clothes to forget daily fatigue and noise.