Himeji Castle

posted on: June 15, 2019
last updated: June 15, 2019

Himeji Castle is reminiscent of a large white glistening figure.

Everyone will be sighing on the majestic appearance.

What a beautiful castle!

Himeji Castle is in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture.
It is the first world cultural heritage site in Japan and a castle that is famous both at home and abroad.
Himeji Castle is listed as a World Heritage Site in that it has an aesthetic perfection at the highest level of Japanese wooden buildings and is unmatched, and the castle tower and other civil engineering buildings are well preserved, showing Japan’s unique castle structure It is because it is.
It goes without saying that the state of preservation is wonderful, but it also outweighs what the beauty of the castle sees.
Go through the wall and head in.
As it approaches, you are overwhelmed by its beauty and grandeur.
If you ask for the wisdom of defense about making a castle
I admire it.
You can see ideas here and there.
The road to the venue is quite difficult.
It’s a magnificent castle from afar, but it’s also close by
Even if you enter the hall, you will be surprised at its size.
From the castle tower you can see the city of Himeji.
The former lord looked at the town from here and wondered what he thought.
I feel in the history.
It takes one hour to make a round.
Himeji Castle is so big.
A beautiful magnificent white castle built by a former Japanese
You should look at it.