Hikawa shrine

post on: September 23, 2019
last updated: September 23, 2019

Hikawa shrine in Kawagoe is Known as
the god of matchmaking.
As soon as you enter the ground,
there is a main hall.
Hikawa Shrine is not large in scale,
but it is a shrine that has lovely points
in some places.

The fortune is very cute.
The fortune is in a doll of snapper,
and get a fortune
by catching a red or white snapper doll.
You can also enjoy catching from many snappers.

At the Hikawa Shrine, a “Enmusubi Furin
(wind bell of matchmaking)”
will be held in summer.
Wind bell corridor is set up
during the exhibition period,
and the sound of cool wind bells resonates.
The beautiful wind bells swaying in the wind
also make you feel the summer in Japan.

There is a large god tree behind the main hall.
Two zelkova trees over 600 years old are lined up
and feel mysterious power.
It seems that you can get spiritual power
if you go around to write a figure of eight around this divine tree.
I felt the power from god tree when I was looking close.

When I visited, it was just when the New Period (Reiwa) started,
the gate of the windmill at the entrance to the Hikawa Shrine,
the grounds in the grounds
The red and white wind bells were installed,
and it was windy to see the wind turbines around
the head turn around.

When you come to Kawagoe, please visit Hikawa shrine.