Chichibu Moss phlox

posted on: March 13, 2019
last updated: March 13, 2019

Moss phlox blooming all around.

Pink,blue,light purple, white…

Moss phlox is like a carpet and it is very beautiful.

A colorful pattern that draws on the earth is a spring poetry.

There is in Chichibu,Saitama.
Hitsujiyama park.
Moss phlox in Hitsujiyama Park draw
beautiful patterns when it comes to spring.
When you pass through the trees and
enter the entrance, you will be greeted with
moss phlox spreading all over.
There are sidewalks in there, and you can see
the little pretty flowers in a step by step.
Different colored flowers are planted in
the place so that you can see it as a pattern
from a distance.
You can enjoy it depending
on the angle you watch.
The festival is also held in the park
in spring.
In the festival, specialties such as Chichibu
you can be eaten and moss phlox viewing
can be enjoy.
At the festival, we also sell shares of
moss phlox, so after buying beautiful flowers
we often buy and return home.
The season around the time is short,
but the art of moss phlox blooming
all over is Chichibu ‘s spring scenery
which is worth seeing.