Owakudani -Hakone

The plume of Owakudani

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Owakudani -Hakone

Valley where smoke comes out, Hakone Owakudani

Owakudani in Hakone is a crater trace created by the explosion of Hakone volcano.
The appearance that continues with the plume still cannot help feeling the power of the volcano and the great power of nature.
I have traveled to Owakudani, which is also a famous spot in Hakone, so I will introduce you.

Dynamic scenery,

highlights of Hakone Owakudani 

The highlight of Owakudani

・Powerful smoke
・black eggs,
・Scenery from the ropeway





1 Dynamic scenery, highlights of Hakone Owakudani
 1.1 Great power! Blowing smoke
 1.2 Let’s extend your life! Black eggs that can only be eaten in Owakudani
 1.3 The view from the ropeway is also amazing!
2 Detailed summary of Hakone Owakudani that feels the volcano of Hakone with the skin

Great power! Blowing smoke


About 3,000 years ago, Owakudani was the site of the collapse of the explosion of Kamiyama, the highest peak of Hakone volcano.
This Owakudani is still emitting smoke and you can feel the power of the volcano.
The gas and steam that blow up are about 100 degrees. A place where you can feel the power of nature.

A short walk from the ropeway station to Owakudani sightseeing spots.
As you walk out of the station, you will see a powerful view of the smoke rising.
A powerful natural force.
Volcanoes show off their power.
Excitement that cannot be described in words.The scenery that attracts the heart.

I don’t usually feel close to them, but I felt once again that I was living with nature and the power of nature that people can’t reach.

Let’s extend the life!Black eggs that can only be eaten in Owakudani

Statue of the Black Egg
Statue in front of Owakudani Kurotamagokan

The specialty of Owakudani is the black egg.
As the name suggests, the shell is a black boiled egg.
It is said that if you eat this, your life span will be seven years.
In Owakudani, there is a Jizo who has the benefit of extending the life and raising children called The Life Extension Jizo-son. The legend of the black egg has come to be said to have a long life like this Jizo. Since the number “7” is said to be a good luck, it seems that it spread as soon as 7 years

Okumatani Enmei Jizoson
Owakudani Enmei Jizo-son. There is a Jizo who became the origin of the theory that the black egg life extends.
Otsuchidani Jorume Yukake Jizo
The hot spring of the shinsen and the pure hot spring Jizo.I would like to ask you from the bottom of my heart to pour hot water on the Jizo.

Black eggs are black due to the ingredients of the hot springs.
Black eggs are made in a hot spring pond.
When placed in a hot spring pond, iron is attached to the eggshell, and hydrogen sulfide, a component of the hot spring, reacts to this iron and turns black.

This black egg has great benefits and looks, but also tastes good.
It tastes better than a regular boiled egg.
I wonder, it’s really delicious, but it was scientifically proven.
It seems that the taste is about 20% higher than normal boiled eggs.
You have to eat.
I tasted it while looking at the plume of Owakudani.

The view from the ropeway is also amazing!

View from Hakone Ropeway

The view of the smoke that you see in front of you is also wonderful, but the scenery that spreads below the ropeway is also a highlight.

It is recommended to go to Owakudani by ropeway.
Let’s enjoy a relaxing sightseeing.
Owakudani Station is 1,044m above sea level.Because it is a mountain, there is a decent height.
The height of the gondola is also quite high from the ground.
The view is very good, and you can see Mt. Fuji.
As you get closer to Owakudani, you’ll see the smoke that spew out and the majestic mountains.
It’s an exciting moment.

Mt. Fuji seen from Owakudani
Mt. Fuji can be seen from Owakudani. Unfortunately, its head is a little clouded.

In addition, between Owakudani Station and Sounzan Station, there is a place beyond the valley, and you can see the spreading valley bottom from the top.Exciting airborne.

One of the pleasures of traveling is not only Owakudani Station but also an excellent aerial walk.

Detailed summary of Hakone Owakudani that feels the volcano of Hakone with the skin

Otsuchidani, smoke spewing




Immediately from Hakone Ropeway “Owakudani Station”.

Ropeway service time
February to November 9:00-17:00
December to January 9:00-16:15
About 1 minute interval gondola will be available,

parking is available (charged / ordinary car: 530 yen, large car: 1580)


Open time/
9:00-17:00 (black egg museum until 16:00)


Kanagawa Prefecture, Ashigarashita-gun, Hakone, Sengokuhara

because it is a volcano, volcanic gas is out depending on the day.
If you have a tracheal disease, allergic asthma, respiratory disease, heart disease, or pacemaker, or if you are sick, please consider going well.
Depending on the concentration of the gas, the ropeway may rest operation.
When the eruption warning level rises, the area around Owakudani may be prohibited.We recommend that you check the situation before you can