CLEMATIS is a website,
it introduces the wonderful place and the charm of Japan
found by the kimono traveler on a trip.


What is written on CLEMATIS

・About the destination I visited
・Suggest trips
・Japan travel Tips
・Written in bilingual (English, Japanese)

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・Travel lovers
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・For those who have decided destinations, go to the "Destinations" category
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About me

I’m Kimono traveler.

“I want to make a living doing what I love.”

“What do I like?”


Let’s do it all!

So I started a kimono traveler.
I traveling in kimono and holding a camera.

All photos are original.
I became able to wear a kimono on my own.

My current goal is to go to all 47 prefectures in Japan.
I continue trip today.

I’m writing this blog because I want to share
the wonderful places I’ve traveled and found.
I hope it helps for your trip.


Travel × Kimono × Photos


I love traveling.
I like traveling to where I want to go, not touring.
When I was a high school student, I went to Kurashiki that is my first solo trip .
After that, save money every year and travel alone.
My favorite destination is a place Japanese vibe.
Beautiful scenery. A place to be healed.


I love kimono since I was a child.
Kimono is the fall of my grandmother.
How to wear a kimono is self-taught.
The manner of kimono is knowledge of the degree read in a book.
Enjoy kimono without being bound by the rules.


Canon 5D Mark2 is my buddy.
The photos on the site are original.
I love photography since I was a child.
I Studied photography at a vocational school.

Why travel in Japan

When I traveled overseas, I was asked about Japan and I could hardly answer in detail. At the time, I was ashamed of not knowing my country. Then study about Japan. Because I want the world to know more about Japan's wonderful charm.


Footprint of Kimono traveler of CLEMATIS

Written by

So Kasumi

Kimono traveler

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